ICC Participated in a Focus Group Discussion: Increasing Market Access and Development of the Main Products and Coconut by-products Based on Farmer Groups


Gratieks (Gerakan 3 Kali Lipat Ekspor/3-fold Export Movement) Policy has positively contributed to the national economies.  One of the strategies is to increase the value of estate crop exports by 7% in Q2 2020 compared to Q2 2019. Increased exports estate crops commodities continue to be pursued through accelerated improvement programs of production, added value, and competitiveness (Gerakan Akselerasi Program Peningkatan  Produksi, Nilai Tambah dan Daya Saing/Grasida) of 14 superior crops estate commodities, especially coconut.

In the context of the strategy above as an effort to increase the income of coconut farmers, especially in North Sulawesi, the Directorate... read more

World Coconut Day Celebration: Indonesian Coconut Festival, Limboto, Gorontalo


To celebrate The World Coconut Day and the 347th Gorontalo Regency Anniversary, Indonesian Coconut Festival has been conducted at Taman Budaya Limboto, on 22nd September 2020. The program included coconut bonsai exhibition and online webinar under the theme: “Reviving the People's Economy during the Covid-19 Pandemic by Restoring the Greatness of Coconuts”. 200 Coconut Bonsai Association members participated in the exhibition, which exhibited 6.000 unique coconut bonsai produced in an effort to stay productive and innovative during COVID-19. It was the first world coconut bonsai exhibition.

The online webinar was opened by Mr. Rahmat Pomalingo, Head of Agriculture Service, Gorontalo... read more

Online Training: "Processing and Marketing of Nata de Coco"


Online Training Program was conducted on 8th September 2020 with the theme “Processing and Marketing of Nata de Coco”. There were 100 participants remotely across the globe.

Non-Aligned Movement Centre for South-South Technical Cooperation (NAM CSSTC) works together with the International coconut community (ICC) with respect to providing cooperative services to the member countries in research and development programs, capacity-building, technology transfer and webinars or workshops.

The main objective of this agreement is to improve the welfare of member countries, enhance collaboration to promote positive attributes of coconut products, to counter any adverse publicity against coconut and its products, to... read more