How to become member of ICC ?

ICC membership is by country and all coconut growing countries are eligible to apply for full membership.

The ICC coordinates its activities through National Liaison Officers (NLOs) in each of the member countries who are senior government officials of the state agency relating to the coconut industry, or in many cases, the Minister or Secretary responsible for the Agriculture portfolio or department.

The procedure for admission of new members is by way of a formal application letter from the Government of respective country requesting admission as a Full Member. The relevant provisions in Article 2 of the Agreement Establishing the International Coconut Community relating to membership:

Article 2


  1. Initially the Community shall consist of the Contracting Parties only, or such number of them not being less than three which shall have ratified this Agreement as hereinafter provided.
  2. Other coconut growing countries which are state members may apply to become full members of the Community.

The letter of application will be circulated among the existing ICC member countries. The applying country is admitted on the unanimous decision of the existing member countries during the ICC Annual Session and Ministerial Meeting.

Upon approval by the ICC Session, a copy of the Resolution together with the Instrument of Accession of the Government to ICC, to be signed by the Head of State or the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, will be submitted to the Treaty Section of the United Nations.

Once become member of ICC, the country would also benefit from ICC publications for free and other related technical and market assistance including training programmes and relevant coconut development projects which may funded through ICC facilitation of grants by international donor agencies with technical assistance by FAO or other UN specialized agencies.

The greatest benefit of becoming a member is the official and personal contacts with a large international network of coconut industry leaders, high officials, research experts, producers, oil millers, traders, coconut product manufacturers, exporters, and importers in the coconut industry.

As a member, the official delegate will have a voting right at the ICC Meetings. These meetings and conferences which consist of coconut industry leaders, experts, importers, and exporters promote fruitful exchange of ideas and information on the latest developments in the industry.

Contribution by the member countries towards the annual budget of the Community shall be made as stipulated under Regulation 5.1 of the ICC.