To promote, coordinate and harmonize all activities of the coconut industry which sustains the lives of millions of small farmers
as well as those engaged in production, processing and marketing of coconut products.

ICC Vision is Globally Sustainable, Resilient, Inclusive and highly Profitable Coconut Sector.

Global Perspective:

The revised vision takes a broader view, acknowledging that the coconut sector has a global reach and impact. This reflects the interconnectedness of markets and the potential for export and international trade.


Farming practices, conservation of coconut genetic resources & other natural resources, reduction of the sector's ecological footprint, farmer’s livelihood


to adapt and withstand various challenges: climate change, pests, diseases, unprecedented pandemic, & geopolitical instability.


including all stakeholders, from smallholder farmers to larger corporations. This can lead to more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.


Attracting investment and ensuring the sustainability of the coconut sector


ICC Mission is the development of the Coconut Sector through its member countries to:

  1. Accelerate transition to sustainable conservation & utilization, production & consumption
  2. Increase production through eco-friendly, climate smart agriculture and precision farming
  3. Promote product diversification, good quality of products and the development of innovative products to sustain market
  4. Establish sustainable, resilient, and highly competitive Farmer groups/cooperatives, MSMEs & Industries