Online Training and Technical Panel Discussion on Coconut Sugar & Nata de Coco


International Coconut Community(ICC) in collaboration with International Trade Centre (ITC) organized an online training on 3rd August on Processing and Marketing of Coconut Sugar; Coconut Jelly-Nata de Coco. Panel discussions on the topics to clarify and reinforce learning conducted on 24th September . The training is part of the MoU executed between ICC and the ITC with the purpose to establish a framework of engagement and cooperation between ITC and the ICC to develop mechanisms for transferring technology relating to value-added coconut products, under the project “Alliances for the Coconut Industry Development Expansion and Enhanced Support for the Caribbean”.

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Highlights of the 49th International COCOTECH Conference and Exhibition 2021


International COCOTECH Conference and Exhibition 2021 is the largest technical conference conducts once every two years dedicated solely to showcase the different development activities in the coconut sector. This conference is organized by the International Coconut Community (ICC) together with the ICC member country who offers hosting facilities. Many ICC member countries that have experienced hosting this event physically in earlier years are India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, Vietnam, and Thailand.

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Creative Way to Celebrate the World Coconut Day 2021 Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Each year, 2 September is celebrated as World Coconut Day (WCD), to commemorate the formation of the International Coconut Community (ICC) in 1969. The WCD 2021 Celebration coincided with the concluding day of the four-day virtual 49th International COCOTECH Conference and Exhibition, 30 August-2 Sept 2021. The theme for WCD 2021 is: “Coconut: Promoting Health, Creativity, and Resilience Amid and Beyond COVID-9 Pandemic”. To celebrate the WCD and to promote all coconut-related activities which sustain the lives of millions of small-scale farmers as well as those engaged in the production, processing, and marketing of coconut products amid the COVID-19 Pandemic,... read more