Cocopeat In Hydroponics

T he basic definition of hydroponic is this. It is the art and science of growing plants and crops without soil. This is an ancient technique of raising crops and have been modified and improved by horticulturists as far back as in the 17th century. It was the common belief... read more

Increasing The Added Value Of Coco Peat Waste Into Solid Fuel (Bio Pellet)

Globally, interest in using biomass for energy is increasing because of some benefits e.g. reduction of dependency on imported oil, employment creation where biomass fuels create up more employment than coal and oil, environmental benefits which relate to mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of acid rain, and soil improvement.... read more

Production of Low Emission Pellet from Coco Peat Waste

Study was conducted on coco peat as a low emission pellet form biomass fuel alternative to produce synthetic gas (syngas) through gasification process in use for other processes. Coco peat was first screened and formulated with other materials such as coco peat, starch, and waste cooking oil. These materials were... read more

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