Dried sections of the meat of the coconut, the kernel of the fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). Copra is valued for the coconut oil extracted from it and for the resulting residue, coconut-oil cake, which is used mostly for livestock feed

Copra Quality Improvement And Coconut Timber Utilization : Technology Updates

Copra, coconut oil and copra cake are prime export commodities of many Asia Pacific countries. Copra is produced by drying the fresh coconut meat obtained from the matured nuts then coconut oil is extracted from copra by expeller process or by solvent extraction method. The coconut cake/meal, as by-product, is... read more

Some Techniques And Practices In Copra Making

C opra is the product produced after drying the coconut kernel. Copra and the coconut oil as well as the cake derived from it are a major source of foreign exchange for many coconut growing countries in Asia, the Pacific, and Africa. For several small nations, particularly in the Pacific,... read more

Copra Price Stabilization Schemes In The Pacific

Several copra producing island c o u n tries in the Pacific have operated price stabilization schemes at some time. Experiences have varied from being relatively successful to an expensive disaster. The primary objective of the schem es is to stabilize producer prices. Secondary objectives are to maintain income levels... read more


Coconuts occupy the largest area under any crop in Vanuatu and provide employment and incomes for the majority of the rural population; copra exports have provided far and away the most important source of foreign exchange earnings during most of the past one hundred years, and their position remains paramount.... read more


It is well known that copra manufactured from sub­standard nuts are invariably of poor quality. The reasons that lead to or poor quality are varied, depending on the nature of the defect of the raw material. However, a better understanding of the parameters that cause poor quality can lead to... read more

Design and Development of Semi-Direct Copra Dryer for Flat Terrain

Author: Mencius B. Lesidan

The study was conducted to design and develop a semi-direct dryer for flat terrain. This dryer was designed to provide farmers an alternative to traditional and existing dryers particularly the semi-direct and indirect dryers. The components of the dryer were drying bed, plenum chamber, tunnel... read more

Market Level Price Analysis of Copra Trading in the Philippines

Author : Susan M. Rivera & Flordeliza A. Lantican

The dynamics in market level prices was examined for Philippine copra trading. The analysis of the price formation process in the copra miller-dealer-farmer markets showed that a weak form of market integration characterized the trading of copra resecada between dealers... read more

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