Coconut Chips


Coconut chips is a snack made from thin-sliced coconut flesh roasted in the oven. Many people love this snack because of its crunchy texture.

  1. Source of MCFAs which are beneficial
    Coconut chips contain beneficial medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are a good type of saturated fat that is then used by the body as energy. Unlike other types of fat that are simply stored in your body, MCFAs support gut health and provide a sensation of fullness in the stomach, so you will feel full for a long time.
  2. Rich in Fiber
    Dietary fiber constitutes the non-absorbable components found in plant foods, unlike fats, proteins, or carbs, as the body doesn't break down or absorb fiber. Consuming fruits and snacks high in dietary fiber not only aids in relieving constipation but also supports weight management and reduces the likelihood of heart disease and certain cancers. Given that coconut chips are derived from the coconut fruit, they serve as an excellent snack option rich in dietary fiber.

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Production And Marketing Of Coconut Chips And Crisps: A Philippine Experience

M arketing of coconut products is one of the pillars of Philippine economy. About 52 traditional and non-traditional, both food and non-food, coconut products are marketed both in the domestic and foreign markets. Although the traditional coconut products are the major income contributors, the nontraditional products have emerged and gained... read more

Coconut Chips A New Coconut Kernel Based Produc

The coconut palm has characteristics as a regular and consistent food supplier to mankind throughout the year which no other tree crop could be said to possess. The fresh kernel of ripe coconut constitutes an essential ingredient in the recipes of diverse food preparations in households as well as in... read more

Effect of Immersion in Calcium Chloride Solution on the Characteristic of Coconut Chips during Storage

The quality of coconut chips can be increased, through efforts to improve processing by immersing the coconut meat in CaCl2 solution. The various concentrations of CaCl2 solution are 0.0%, 0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5%, and 2.0%. Furthermore, the effect of treatments was evaluated on the characteristic of coconut chips for 0 months, 2 months,... read more

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