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ICC-ITC- Webinar on Production, Processing and Marketing of Coconut Milk, Cream and Yogurt

The International Coconut Community (ICC) in collaboration with International Trade Centre (ITC) organized the 4th webinar on “Production, Processing and Marketing of Coconut Milk, Cream and Yogurt” on 30 November 2021. The training is part of the MoU executed between ICC and the ITC with the purpose to establish a framework of engagement and cooperation between ITC and the ICC to develop mechanisms for transferring technology relating to value-added coconut products, under the project “Alliances for the Coconut Industry Development Expansion and Enhanced Support for the Caribbean”. There were 280 registered participants from 31 countries. The other partner collaborator of this series is CARIFORUM, financed by the European Union, and implemented by ITC, CARDI, and important Alliances partners, ACP, and Coconut Industry Board.

Dr. Jelfina C. Alouw, ICC, Executive Director, delivered the opening remarks. In her remarks she underlined the significance of the topic considering the increasingly growing global market, as well as delicious products, coconut milk, cream, and yogurt also have all essential amino acids and provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Coconut milk can be prepared into products with different fat levels to meet the needs of consumers for non-dairy milk. The proteins, hormones, minerals and vitamins contained in coconut milk, cream and yogurt open up new opportunities for research and application as studies have shown an anti-aging activity, probiotic activity and growth promoters  for plants and animals.

Dr. Titiek Farienti Djaafar, Researcher, Assessment Institute for Agriculture Technology, Indonesia presented on coconut yogurt wherein she explained the coconut producing countries in the world, traditional and commercial coconut milk and coconut cream extractions process, the role of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) in milk fermentation, the role of LAB and probiotic bacteria for health, how to make yogurt from milk and coconut milk.

Dr. Chandi Yalegama, Head Coconut Processing Research Division, Coconut Research Institute, Sri Lanka, presented the processing of coconut milk and cream. She described the composition of coconut kernel, coconut milk and coconut refuse, the use of coconut milk, coconut milk preparation at domestic level and for processing purposes, quality control aspect of coconut milk production, the problem associated with coconut milk production, Sri Lankan standards for coconut milk, material and method of coconut milk processing, treatments for stability, pasteurization process, various packaging materials, observation on milk production, pH, Brix value, the fatty acid content of coconut milk preservations, stability of emulsion with various stabilizers, the effect of pasteurization time and temperature, shelf life, and machinery needed for small-scale coconut milk processing unit.

Mr. Tomas B. Medina, President and CEO of Brand Export, the Philippines, focused on  the marketing and branding aspects  of coconut milk and coconut cream, in which he explained the comparison of some coconut milk and coconut cream brands in the Caribbean and Jamaican, production and productivity of factories in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka; integrated processing plant facilities, coconut food processing, coconut milk specification canned, coconut milk packaging; products packaging comparison from several top producers, brands, and market leaders; certification needed by the market, global coconut milk products market, pricing strategies, coconut milk and cream market outlook, opportunities and challenges.

There was an in-depth discussion on the topics, and the speakers addressed the queries. This webinar was moderated by Ms. Shanita John, ITC, Dominica.

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