The ICC member countries observed World Coconut Day (WCD) on September 2, coinciding with the commemoration the ICC’s foundation in 1969. This annual celebration acknowledges the global significance of coconuts, encompassing coconut farmers and their families, industries, and consumers. The WCD celebrations include exhibitions featuring cutting-edge coconut technologies and products, educational workshops, training sessions, and competitions. Cultural performances showing the profound cultural significance of coconut in various cultures are all included. This year's WCD was dedicated to the topic of “Sustaining the Coconut Sector for Present and Future Generations”.

World Coconut Day is a significant moment in appreciating farmers, business actors, researchers, producers, coconut organizations and all coconut stakeholders in collective efforts to create a sustainable, resilient, and more competitive coconut sector. It is a recognition of the coconut's contribution economically, socially, and environmentally. The enormous potential of coconut still needs to be explored to be utilized optimally for the benefit of farmers, society, and the nation. Challenges, such as tariff and non-tariff barriers, demand shifts, and industry standards, necessitate proactive adaptation.

ICC participated in The World Coconut Day 2023 Celebration in Gorontalo Regency, Indonesia, 21-25 September 2023. Private sector and government agency exhibitors presented their activities. A total of 30 exhibitors, comprising both private sector entities and government agencies, presented their respective operations. Approximately 300 participants, including international attendees from countries such as PNG, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, US, UK, and France, were present at the five-day event. A multitude of local tourists, including school children, eagerly visited the display booths. Furthermore, an International Coconut Conference with international speakers and many competitions were also arranged as part of the festivities. Followed with a training program by the Indonesia National Research and Innovation Agency and other institutions to coconut farmers and processors. This aimed to enhance the skills and knowledge of participants, contributing to the sustainable growth of the coconut industry.

The ICC Secretariat also acknowledge several celebrations organized by member countries such as Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Marshal Islands, PNG, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, The Philippines, Tonga, and Vietnam. Their celebration aimed to raise awareness, encourage sustainability, and spark innovation in the coconut industry. They emphasized the need for sustainable practices, including environmentally friendly farming and effective pest management, to strengthen the strength and resilience of the sector.

The event also highlighted the versatile nutritional aspects of coconut and recognized its importance in economy, society, culture and history. Agricultural entrepreneurs and processors were given the opportunity to showcase innovative coconut-based products, with the aim to inspire a diverse audience, including youth, women, and people with disabilities, to engage in coconut farming and entrepreneurship. These all are contributing to the sustainable growth of the coconut industry. 

Dear readers, Happy Coconut Day 2023 and may the spirit of coconut will embrace and unite us in the vision of ICC of a sustainable coconut sector for present and future generations!

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