Scientifically Proven: Inflammatory Markers were Reduced in COVID-19 Patients Treated with VCO

Scientists reported that elevated inflammatory markers are justifiably associated with severe COVID-19. COVID-19. Tracking these markers may allow early diagnosis or even prediction of disease progression. Several researchers under the team leader Dr. Ika Trisnawati, Pulmonology Expert of Medicine Faculty, Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Indonesia, and Chairman of Airbone Disease Team, Dr. Sardjito General Hospital, have conducted a pre-clinical study and a clinical trial using VCO as adjuvant therapy for COVID-19 patients. The trials were carried out in four hospitals in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Dr. Sardjito Hospital, RSA UGM Hospital, Wonosari Hospital, and Sleman Hospital.

The pilot study revealed significant results (p<0.05) of the use of VCO in reducing TNF α, an inflammatory marker, in the VCO group compared to placebo. Other findings showed a significant (p<0.05) decrease in D Dimer and ferritin as markers used to predict mortality in COVID-19 patients when they are increased, both before and after intervention in the VCO group. So, VCO can reduce inflammatory markers in people with Covid-19, thus it is expected to prevent the disease from worsening. The statistical significance of the study with accurate experimental methods indicates the reliability of the study results.

The researcher team emphasized that VCO is an effective adjuvant therapy to reduce the symptoms and eventual progression of the disease. These studies have supported the previous finding by researchers from the Philippines led by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD). Given the positive scientific evidence of VCO as an adjuvant for COVID-19 therapy, conducted by scientists from the Philippines and Indonesia, it is important to recommend virgin coconut oil as a healthy oil and encourage the use of VCO to reduce the symptom of COVID-19.  The Philippines through the Inter-Agency Task Force for the management of emerging infectious diseases has started distributed VCO to Metro Manila’s level 1 hospitals that are taking care of patients with mild symptoms, as reported by The Philippine news agency.

Unjustifiable negative advisory about coconut oil must be removed because hiding the truth about VCO is the same as telling a lie and it will affect the livelihoods of millions of smallholder coconut farmers and their families. Considering COVID-19 elevated cases and current challenges of vaccine shortage and its efficacy, it is imperative to supports research and development in revealing all potential healing properties of VCO and even to see the potency of VCO as a natural affordable product to enhance the efficacy of vaccines and even more.

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