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Event Type:Course
Date:09 September - 08 November 2019
Event Location:Sri Lanka

International Certificate Course

for Coconut Development Officers 


1.   Dates & Venue:

      The Course will be conducted at the Coconut Research Institute in Lunuwila, Sri Lanka between 9 September to 8 November 2019.  

2.   Organization:

      The Course is organized by Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka (CRI) in collaboration with the International Coconut Community (ICC).    CRI will conduct the course at its headquarters and at the research substations utilizing their scientific and technical experts. The structured  training provides 149 hours of lectures, 20 days of practical demonstrations, 3 days of field visits and 10 days of on-site practical training with hands on work at its own coconut estates. Experts from the other scientific institutes and from the private sector would also be utilized as resource persons as and when required. Meals, accommodation transport arrangements and lecture theater facilities will be provided by the CRI. A study tour around the country is included as a part of the course.  Basic medical and dental care cost will be covered by the CRI; however, participants are strongly advised to secure travel and health insurance from the country of origin. The number of trainees for the course will be 25 and the course duration is 60 days.

3.   Purpose and Scope:

     The purpose of the Course is to equip officers with wider scope of scientific knowledge, agriculture best practices and applications of up-to-date technologies. The Course content includes: new technological developments on increasing coconut yield and productivity through varietal improvement; soil nutrient management using organic and inorganic fertilizer; efficient water management in coconut plantations; reduce field losses through managing biotic stresses using biological means; climate smart coconut cultivation; climate hazard mitigation; yield prediction; coconut-based farming systems; and post-harvest technologies. The course will also cover technology updates in the manufacture of emerging coconut products; maximum utilization of energy efficient systems; organic coconut cultivation; labour management and estate accounting with record keeping systems.

4.   Official contact persons are:


Assistant Director

International Coconut Community

Tel : (62-21) 3100556

Email :





Deputy Director Research & Course Director

Coconut Research Institute

Tel : (94-31)2257687



5.   Eligibility of Participants:

      Participants are initially invited from the ICC member countries, however other countries and stakeholders are encouraged to also apply for the enrollment. Participants already involved in coconut cultivation, processing, research and extension, either from government or private sector organizations would also be considered. The minimum qualification to enroll for the course should be equivalent to a first College Diploma or Degree. Preference will be given to applicants with qualification in agriculture or agriculture related fields and with previous work experience. Participants should be able to write, speak and communicate in English.

6.   Course Fee:

     The Course fee of USD 4,500 entitles the participant to printed course manual, stationery, copy of course material, hotel accommodation, meals, refreshments during course, all land transport and basic medical treatments. The fees are payable in advance by Telegraphic Transfer to:


Director, Coconut Research Institute

Bank of Ceylon, Dankotuwa, Sri Lanka,

A/C No.: 3002507, Swift Code: BCEYLKLX.

 All payment shall be made on net basis, clear of any commission, bank charges and any other charges.

7.    Application for Enrollment:

 All interested participants are to submit the Application Forms which can be downloaded from these  websites or Completed application forms should be sent by e-mail to or or


8.    Visa Requirements: 

     All participants should obtain their entry visa from the Embassy of Sri Lanka in their country of origin or from the nearest Embassies/Consulates prior to their departure from their respective countries. The visas may also be obtained online by visiting The visa fees are US$30 (SAARC countries) and US$40 (other countries).

It is the responsibility of participants to secure their own visa requirements including transit visa, if required. Visa supporting letters and invitation letters to the course will be provide by CRI in case you need it.

9.   Airlines Servicing Colombo, Sri Lanka

     The main international airport in Sri Lanka is the Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake. The international airport is close to Coconut Research Institute and is about 30 min drive. There are many major airlines which fly to Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) such as Sri Lankan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai International Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Air India, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Qatar Air, Jet Airways, Kuwait Airways, and Air Arabia.

10. Currency

      The currency used in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). The exchange rate against US Dollar is approx US$ 1 = LKR 176.26 as of 12th June 2019. Money exchange is available at the airport and also at all state and private banks. Private money exchangers are also available in major cities. Secretariat to the course at CRI will also help participants with exchange of currencies.  

11.  Climate

Sri Lanka enjoys a moderate tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 29 - 32 ºC.

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