Coconut Shell Craft is a popular coconut craft. A high degree of skill is required for carving brass broidered items out of coconut shells. The coconut shells are naturally hard. The brass embroidered decoration work is made through a lost wax process which requires a high degree of skill and perfection.

Coconut shell has a high hardness and micro porosity which increases its durability and absorption and retention capacity. The raw material needed is just fine quality of coconut shell which is obtained from coconut trees.


Coconut handicrafts play a significant role in fostering environmental sustainability. By utilizing natural and renewable resources, these handicrafts help in preserving the environment. This, in turn, can indirectly enhance overall health by promoting a healthier environment. In addition, coconut handicrafts can bolster local economies, especially in areas where coconuts are plentiful. The production of these handicrafts can lead to economic stability.

Coconut Handicrafts - Eco Friendly & Aesthetic A Tale Of Two Societies

C oconut besides providing food and drink for maintaining good health, also provides shelter and aesthetic as well as eco friendly handicrafts. Every part of coconuts can be utilized for making handicrafts. Many of the APCC countries are making handicrafts utilizing the shells and trunk. Individual as well as societies... read more

Handy Handicrafts From Coconuts

T he shell, husk, midribs and even the petioles of the coconut tree are slowly assuming commercial importance with the emergence of innovative novelty items from the once considered lowly and discarded parts of the coconut tree. They are gradually penetrating even the sophisticated western markets bringing in the valuable... read more

Manufacture Of Coconut Handicrafts In Thailand

The coconut farmers are experiencing a decline of farm productivity and unstable markets for their traditional coconut products such as copra and coconut oil. The coconut farmer cannot afford to invest more in coconut cultivation unless he/she gets good returns. Consequently, the coconut industry experiences low coconut production on which... read more

Production of handicrafts, wares and novelty items from coconut wood, fronds and coconut fruit residues

The production of handicrafts, wares and novelty items utilizing small and short pieces of coconut wood, fronds and shell is a highly feasible and viable option to derive income from coconut residues and other cellulosic materials found in coconut plantation.

Handicrafts and novelty items from coconut fronds, wood and other... read more

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