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Visit to Koperasi Wanita Srikandi in Purworejo

During the visit to companies and organizations with coconut related products, ICC team under the leadership of ICC Executive Director Dr. Jelfina C. Alouw visited Koperasi Wanita Srikandi the Organic and Natural Products Manufacturer located in Purworejo city, Central Java on 12 November 2021. As the name of organisation of “Wanita Srikandi” or Woman Warrior in local terms, Koperasi Wanita Srikandi chaired by a woman Mrs. Sri Susilo Wati SE. The ICC team are welcomed by the Chairwoman, General Manager Mr. Hanggoro Susanto SP, MM and team.

The establishment of the organisation is in 2014 as the chairwoman perceived a major opportunity for coconut sugar potency in Central Java. The organization has two coconut sugar factories that also visited by ICC in Purworejo.

Koperasi Wanita Srikandi consists of two parts of management which are saving loan cooperative management and production management. Main product of Koperasi Wanita Srikandi is coconut sugar included branded products and bulk products for both export and local market with capacity of production in total of 300 tons per month of granulated coconut sugar and 20,000 bottles of coconut sap-based syrup. To expand the export as well as local market, Koperasi Wanita Srikandi hold certifications such as USDA organic, COR Canada, and BPOM.

With the mission of realization of welfare and independence through community empowerment, Koperasi Wanita Srikandi has 1.500 fostered farmers with 1 internal control system (ICS) for managing every 50 farmers in four districts Purworejo, Magelang, Wonosobo, and Kebumen. To maintain the supply chain, Koperasi Wanita Srikandi created strategy to conduct regular socialization to coconut sugar farmers, ICS, as well as collectors.

Main challenges of coconut sugar business mentioned are the urgent need of coconut replantating of senile tall coconut trees that created higher risk for farmers, older generation farmers, and trainings to farmers as well as raising awareness and attracting the attention of the young generation to coconut sector. To express the sincere concern of coconut sugar farmers, Koperasi Wanita Srikandi created compensation program in case of work related accident happened to farmers including injuries, disabilities and death referring the threat of climbing taller coconut trees for sugar farmers, however, the replantating of coconut trees is needed, therefore Koperasi Wanita Srikandi has created demonstration field of planted 300 trees of Genjah Entog not only as a replantating model but also as an education field for visitor as well as coconut sugar farmers. Koperasi Wanita Srikandi also established cooperation with universities for solving issues in their business sector.

Koperasi Wanita Srikandi is working on conforming their business process to get the fair trade certification as the organization has ensured the essential process of fair trade. Koperasi Wanita Srikandi build upon cooperation with ICC especially follow up challenges as an input to solve the problems in international level and provide training for the farmers and ICS of Koperasi Wanita Srikandi.

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