The functions of the Community shall be to:

  1. Provide relevant fora to promote friendship and cooperation among its members, partners and stakeholders to exchange information, knowledge, technologies and experience.
  2. Develop and recommend to its members the appropriate measures including the strategically important policies and programs to address identified problems and opportunities.
  3. Facilitate measures to increase global coconut production and productivity.
  4. Encourage member countries to maximize the economic benefits from existing and emerging markets through downstream processing of high quality products.
  5. Promote efforts to expand and diversify trade of coconut products among its members and increase opportunities for meetings between buyers and sellers as well as producers and processors.
  6. Promote the positive attributes of coconut products and counter any adverse publicity against the products.
  7. Collaborate with existing international bodies to reduce trade barriers and restrictions.
  8. Harmonize quality standards for coconut products and assist members to meet these standards.
  9. Assist its members to develop their research agenda based on industry needs and promote collaboration among countries and partners.
  10. Collect, analyze and disseminate information for coconut development to meet the needs of member countries.
  11. Facilitate training of member countries on relevant aspects of coconut development.
  12. Assist member countries mobilize resources by linking them with potential donor institutions as needed.



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