Greetings from the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC)!

        APCC is now in the process of updating one of its publications titled the Directory of International Coconut Researchers and Development Workers. We are inviting all coconut researchers and development workers around the globe to fill up the prescribed form below in order that the updated directory will reflect the current status of the world coconut researchers and development workers. This directory will be a good source of possible consultants and/ or experts who may be commissioned by the APCC or other UN-Related agencies and private companies to do coconut related research and development work including commercial ventures. We highly appreciate and thank all researchers and development workers who have already spent their precious time to fill up the forms and submitted them to the APCC Secretariat.

With best regards,


Executive Director, APCC


The Asian and Pacific Coconut Community publishes the Directory of Coconut Traders and Equipment Manufactures on a regular basis. The purpose of this publication is to bridge the gap among suppliers, traders, buyers, and equipment manufacturers of coconut products. 

The completeness and the accuracy of the Directory entries depend on your active participation. We, therefore, strongly encourage you to fill up the relevant form and submit to us for free inclusion/ listing in the upcoming issue of the said Directory.

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